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Urinals are prone to blockages in waste pipes and nasty urinal smells make the toilet a very unpleasant environment to use. Our products stop blockage problems and bad odours at source. Our Urinal Sleeve contains a choice of chemical or biological block to get rid of uric salt deposits fast so that they don’t solidify & narrow the pipework causing the urinals to overflow. 
In addition we have a Bio-Miser, a unique product that sits in the cistern tank and releases extra cleaning or biological product on every flush, ensuring the urinal bowls get a real clean whilst topping up the action in the waste pipe. This product is far more effective than any urinal dosing machine and without the carbon footprint. 

Use the Urinal Sleeve and Bio-Miser in conjunction with our water management system and save massive amounts of water. Without water managers urinals flush regularly – on average about every 10 minutes, with a water manager alone a urinal still needs to flush at least 2-3 times per hour to avoid too many urinal blockage issues.  

Combine a water manager with our Urinal Sleeve and Bio-Miser and you can reduce flushing water to just 4-8 times per day, Based on a 10 litre cistern tank you could save 1440 litres of water a day or 511000 per year, a potential cost saving of £1500 based on national averages. 

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